urban planning & design

Key to any successful redevelopment project is a plan which responds to the aspirations of all parties involved, be it owners, developers or users. Each city has a unique identity to preserve, renew, or sometimes to establish. With urban revitalization projects, the challenge is complementing that uniqueness by stitching together the different aspects of transport, utilities, infrastructure, policy, and public spaces while addressing the dynamic economic and demographic changes of the past, the present, and the future.

Bender Wells Clark Design has a distinct enthusiasm regarding the unique challenges and benefits of such projects. From small town main street revitalization plans to big city community planning, BWCD has contributed to numerous planning charrettes for cities and communities around the country.


While often not overtly distinguished by visitors as a tangible design element, a streetscape is actually the most dominant element in defining an urban environment's sense of 'place'. Visitors may not 'see' the design, but they most definitely feel it. Tree height, canopy, spacing, and setback all work together to create a subconscious and often intangible guide to a city's spaces. Designed properly, a streetscape sets an intentional tone for the city's identity where both pedestrian and vehicular traffic can navigate intuitively. Alternatively, an ineffective streetscape can create disorientation and an unintended negative experience.

transportation projects

The strategy behind transportation projects was once strictly an engineering-driven process. In recent years, however, land use, quality of life, and adverse impacts are ranking higher than ever among public concerns. As the paradigm shifts, transportation and infrastructure are the subjects of increasing scrutiny and expectations. As a result, transportation projects are becoming a much more multi-disciplinary effort, and the role of the landscape architect in these projects has taken a large step forward.

Bender Wells Clark Design’s working knowledge integrates elements of large-scale planning, civil engineering, architecture art, and environmental and social sciences. These skills translate seamlessly to both the simplest and the most complex transportation projects as both small and large-scale processes are essential to successful solutions. Because transportation is more than getting from Point A to Point B, the melding of many disciplines results in a project conducive to future growth and development.

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