The master planning of and additions to a campus environment require sensitivity and elegance. The walls, walks, site furniture, landscape features, and plantings must appeal to a wide range of users as well as fit with the identity of the institution.

Bender Wells Clark Design has overseen the aesthetics and planning of all such site elements, working closely with architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, and artists on many campus projects. The result is a comprehensive design for each campus that addresses the identity and atmosphere unique to each institution as well as its core function to students, staff, and visitors.

Elegance can and should be paired with sustainable landscape practices. The design of open spaces that are sustainable and low maintenance are a hallmark of our firm. Diverse plantings are selected for their ability to thrive in our climate, and locally obtainable hardscape materials are selected for long life and durability.


Primary and secondary schools require a different approach in their design. While usability, sustainability, accessibility, and aesthetics are common factors in both university and school campuses, the dynamics and highly structured schedule of a classroom-oriented environment necessitates highly defined programs and equally defined spaces that accomomdate those activities. Safety is always of the highest priorities, but special attention must be paid to the unique challenges associated with different age groups and stages of development.

Pre-schools and Early Development Centers benefit from sensory and gross-motor skills development with specially designed and sized features. Even plant selection is affected. Many commonly used ornamental species appropriate for most public spaces would be hazardous or even toxic in an environment intended for small children. The needs for an elementary school, a middle school, or a high school would be equally specific and requires attention and experience.

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