environmental graphic design

Bender Wells Clark Design specializes in the planning, design, and creation of graphic elements in the built and natural environment. Our design services help organizations develop functional, compliant, cost-effective signage programs and assess conformance to the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines.

pedestrian wayfinding

The success of an urban wayfinding system depends upon the careful design and placement of directional, informational, interpretive, and identification signs. Effective systems combine signage hierarchy and format with the anticipation of where to place information and where to place reassurance.

corporate branding

The design of corporate identity is multi-faceted and draws on several disciplines: marketing, advertising, public relations, and graphic design. BWCD develops logos which communicate an identity in a single image. Often this image is converted into a range of graphic applications, from signs and sculptures, to letterhead and business cards, and even uniforms to develop a unique and powerful identity.

An award-winning firm in landscape architecture, planning, & environmental graphic design